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Waterjet Cutting Services

No compromising of quality with our Waterjet Cutting Services.

Stronger | Faster | More accurate


General Fabrication Services is able to handle a wide variety of manufacturing jobs with our waterjet cutting services for varied applications, including aerospace, medical, construction, and art.

Waterjet Cutting Services by GFS

Why use a waterjet?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No heat affected zones
  • Stress free cutting
Waterjet Cutting Envelope


  • Any type of steel – Stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Our Jet has 50 Hypotherm.
  • Dynamic Head for high precision.
  • Dual rail system – 5 axis. Able to perform bevel cutting, chamfers, or other 5 axis geometry.
  • 60,000 PSI cutting pressure.
  • Material can be loaded from all sides, and our cutting table can support a variety of sheet sizes.
  • 8’ x 13”x 12’ table dimensions.
  • Cut any material up to 6 inches thick.
  • High production capability.
  • Capable of cutting complex 3D shapes.
  • Taper compensation on 2D Geometry to compensate for edge taper.

Whether you need water-only or abrasive, 5-axis cutting, or 2D capabilities, waterjets have the flexibility to accept several types of cutting heads.

Our waterjet cutting services allow for 5-Axis cuts up to 60 inches and taper compensation without a reduction in the 2D work area. We are also able to process thick materials and large parts.

The 3D and bevel cutting capabilities save time and reduce the overall cost of producing the part. We are able to easily and quickly cut bevels, such as for weld preparation, and various angles ensuring no need for secondary finishing.

The equipment used in our waterjet cutting services provides our customers on-time production through reliable and intuitive waterjet solutions.

Environmentally Friendly Waterjet Cutting