GFS Fabrication

The superior quality and finished products choice, for customers wanting to eliminate the problems normally associated with multi-sourced fabrication.

As a Full-Service company that handles customer projects from fabrication, through and including field installation, GFS has efficiently produced custom fabrications for major companies all over the world.


Whether manufacturing a design in-house, or performing open-shop work at a customer facility or job-site, reducing project costs and exceeding normal fabrication standards are the goals on every project.

Whatever the customer requirement, GFS has the expertise and equipment to shear, burn, saw, drill, punch, machine, form, weld and paint carbon or stainless steel.

Coupled with a team of dedicated and experienced craftsmen, GFS customers consistently get quality fabrications and assemblies that could include; Installed mechanical drives, fans and blowers; Fabricated gas, water and combustion air piping and pipe spools; Installed refractory modules, wool, brick, castable and pipe lagging; Running conduit and electrical wiring, to system components, like burners, motors, fans, blowers, valve stands and junction boxes.

From design through production, you can trust GFS to work around the clock to provide you high-quality, low-cost products and services, on-time, all-the-time!

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